I have recently worked on a number of Bluetooth devices. For all these projects I have only designed the electronics and PCB. I have not implemented the enclosures, firmware or phone applications. Here are some examples:-

ECG Monitor

This device is a wearable, comfortable, unobtrusive and compact physiological monitoring device that incorporates ECG, accelerometer and body temperature sensors

 ECG onitor

ECG Graph 

 Baby Pacifier

The smart baby pacifier is unique in that it records a baby's temperature and passes it to a parent's smartphone where it can be tracked and medication recorded. The ability to plot the effect medication has on temperature is particularly useful, no more scrambling for a pen and paper or trying to remember in your head. With useful reminders and alerts it becomes a peace of mind at stressful times. Comes with a range of other useful features, such as the ability to find the pacifier with your smartphone as well as a proximity feature that alerts your smartphone if the pacifier moves away from you.


Environment Monitor

This is a sophisticated temperature, humidity and barometric pressure smartphone based environment monitor that can be used in a wide variety of scenarios - from hotels and guest accomodation and a baby's nursery through to businesses that need to monitor cooled produce and owners of exotic pets. 


Timing System for Track Athletes.

One device situated at the start line, and multiple devices down the track with IR beams to detect when the athlete passes each point. By recording their split and finish times the system can be used to analyze  and improve performance. 

Selfi Camera Control 

This module allows remote control of the camera via a Bluetooth interface. 


Heart Rate Control


This is is a discreet biosensing patch that measures your heart and breath. Lief teaches you to control your body's natural stress response through gentle, safe biofeedback exercises. Reduce triggered responses and keep mindful and in control throughout your day.