The following information describes my design capabilities in more detail:-

Digital DesignDigital Design
I have had vast experience in designing high speed digital electronics, microprocessor based products and gate arrays. One recent example is the design of a new Digital Multimeter with a PCI interface.

Analogue Design

I have been actively involved recently in providing stimulus aanalogue Designnd measurement signals between a functional test system and a target device under test. These signals have ranged from low level micro volts to hundreds of volts. I have also designed the high voltage interface on DTR cable test systems. Analogue design always presents a challenge, especially when mixed with "noisy" digital electronics. However I am very adapt at this task, having seen this situation many times before.

PCB layout
I have all the design software to produce schematic diagrams aPCB Layoutnd PCB layout for complex electronic assemblies. I have performed the PCB layout on nearly all of my designs. I believe the design engineer is always the best person to implement the layout as only he has the insight and knowledge to determine the optimal part and track placement together with all the other parameters such as power planes and shields.

Product Specification and Reports Product Specification
Having worked within an environment supplying electronic equipment to the military and blue chip companies I have a vast experience in writing engineering and marketing specifications, test schedules and strategies, evaluation studies and detailed product reports. Again I am always methodical and structured in my approach to this task.

EMC Compliance ConsultancyEMC Compliance
Having designed many products that have had to be CE tested or EMC compliant to a tight military specification, I am well placed to advise on any new system development. I can ensure that new products have an excellent chance of achieving EMC Compliance at first trials without endless modifications at a late stage in the development.

Reverse Engineering
From your old obsolete PCB where all the original design data may have been lost, I can generate  the following:-Reverse Engineering

New schematic diagram
New PCB fabrication
New items list containing all RoHS compliant  components
Eliminate any component that have become obsolete or are not compliant.
Data sheets for all new components

Software Development 
Although not trained as a software engineer, I have got the knowledge Software Developmentand expertise to provide test and evaluation software for all products that I design. Furthermore in some cases I can provide the actual finished application software. For example I fully developed my Race Management software (see Design History), that is extremely comprehensive and packed with innovative features. If necessary however, I have partners that I can use to provide a full capability.

Test & ManufactureElectronic Manufacture
I can arrange for new or existing products to be manufactured and tested with high quality and in a cost effective way. I have good partnerships with a few local companies that can provide these services.

Full System Design and SupportTurn key solutions
For a new system design I can provide a total turnkey solution from concept to a fully tested and evaluated developed product. I am extremely methodical and organised in my approach and can arrange everything from component specification and procurement, right up to volume manufacture. I have a flair for electronic innovation with a proven track record of successful products.